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We always create a memorable impression on consumers, but our branding expertise will also help your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. Your brand will always stand out with our advertising designs, promotional merchandise, reputation and logos.


UI/UX Design

Most websites, apps and software are built for stakeholders, without users in mind. The resulting experiences fail because they are not user-centric. User experience (UX) design takes opinions and guesswork out of the equation. We apply research to give your customers what they actually want.


Web & App Development

We build, test, and refine products based on years of solid experience, not guesswork. We design and develop a final product that for users but align with your business’s goals and objectives – the result is an eye catching fully responsive website, optimized for search engines, that stays within coding standards.



Marketing is about connecting with people and helping them solve their problems. The best marketing empowers customers and makes them feel confident and smart. We create experiences that attract, engage, and convert.

Our work process


We are exploring fundamentals of your business, to be aware of your ideal customers, your services, products, prices and all possible business options. We are researching your target audience, analyzing your ideas. After detailed research, we let your project inspire us and we are ready to start!

User experience and branding

We focus on having a deep understanding of your users, their needs and limitations. Our practice is to promote the quality of the user's interactions with your products or services. We let our team show their potential. With their creativity users will fall in love with your products.


We invest all our knowledge and experience to develop all ideas using newest methods and technologies. We use a set of instructions to produce various kinds of output, adapting to your products or services.


We remain by your side, driving and engaging customers for even better results. Although we tend to make high-quality products, our job is not done. We offer long term solutions and technical support. We keep doing our best, ready for any assistance, consultation and new updates.

Our Clients

At Startify, we thrive on change and admire those behind it. We design creative solutions for our clients unresolved problems. We help our clients gain customers, expand their market share and optimize their online presence. Contact us directly for references and case studies.

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